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Yes, kids can write books too!

July 19, 2010

Kids are incredible! They are naturally sensitive and curious about the world around them. Their writing reflects an innocent inquisitiveness about everyday situations that often contains nuggets of profound wisdom and insight. Here's what David Melton, founder of Landmark, has to say about the talents and abilities of children:

When friends or colleagues ask what I've been doing during the summer, and I tell them I've been teaching children to write and illustrate books, I see them force Cheshire cat smiles. I hear them say, "How nice. I bet their books are really cute." Their demeanors reveal the prevailing attitudes of "little heads, little minds." I'm sure they envision stories of gingerbread men and childish cartoons.

The more honest ones come right out with it. "What on earth would children have to write about?" they bluntly ask.

The answer is simple and direct--children and teenagers write about the very same things adults write about. Better still, they write about the same topics professional writers write about. In fact, their skills in writing often match the standards of professional writing and their insights are just as profound. When given the freedom to explore, without hesitation, young people tackle any genre in both fiction and non-fiction.

They write adventure stories, fairytales, mysteries, fantasies, horror stories, biographies, autobiographies, westerns, sports stories, historical dramas, romance novels, whodunits, psychological thrillers, self-help books and plays. They write of social problems, ecology consideration, racial injustices and periods of self-evaluation. They examine political issues and write about the rights of the handicapped and the courage of the individual.

From Written and Illustrated by... a book by the late author/illustrator David Melton.


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Our new look

June 25, 2010

We are very excited to announce the completion of our new website! You've probably already noticed the new look, but here are some other cool new features we'd like to point out:
  • Contest tips: Ever wonder what Landmark is looking for when they judge the contest entries? Now students who wish to enter the National Kids-in-Print Contest for Students can find a list of helpful hints, tips, and guidelines straight from the publisher. Check out the full list here: Contest tips
  • Look inside feature: Enjoy a better shopping experience as you browse our children's books with our new "look inside" feature. Now you can look at some select pages from the inside of each of our books. You'll be amazed by the talent of our student author-illustrators when you get a peek at their work!
  • Video: Get inspired by this video about Landmark House, Ltd. and its mission.

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The contest entries are in!

It's that time of year again...the deadline for the National Kids-in-Print Contest for Students! June 1 was the last day for submissions to the 2010 contest, and we are so pleased with the entries that have come in. We've already started looking through these wonderful books, and as always have been super impressed by the creativity and talent of each student. We have received books about adoption, books with waffle monsters, books with kitties, pirates, and dogs that run for president! Books about Easter, books about Greeks--there are so many great ones to choose from! But choose we must. Over the next several months, our judges will review each book and make that difficult decision: who will be selected as the 2010 winners of the National Kids-in-Print Contest?

In the meantime, we extend our deepest congratulations to everyone that has entered. Each book represents a significant accomplishment by the student. Whatever the decision of the judges, we hope these books will be treasured by students and their families for years to come.

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